Jewelers reinvent bracelets for men

December 4, 2014 • Accessories, Fashion & Accessories, Luxury for Men

During the last high fashion shows of the spring-summer fashion week, the greatest fashion creators imagined bracelets which would enhance the male figure and be the finishing touch to men’s appearance. Inspired by this movement, jewelers have also revisited the male bracelet. Discover Kenzo’s, Cartier’s and Gucci’s creations.   Bracelets for...

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Yves Saint Laurent revisits luxury leather goods

October 14, 2014 • Accessories, Fashion & Accessories

The French maison de mode Yves Saint Laurent launches a new leather collection with the same refinement found in its other creations. Once again relying on its famous monogram, each one of the collection’s pieces is adorned with it.   Monogram: a...

A one of a kind Burberry scarf

August 15, 2014 • Accessories, Fashion & Accessories

The British fashion brand Burberry launched a new customisation service which should be available starting September 2014. The brand’s clients will have the chance to acquire a scarf or a poncho adorned with their initials.   New customisation service...

Luxury edition for the iPhone 6 available for pre-order

August 4, 2014 • Accessories, Fashion & Accessories

Apple has announced that it will officially launch its new iPhone 6 in the two months. Nonetheless, the brand revealed a luxury edition of its device, already available for pre-order on the American online luxury boutique Brikk.   iPhone 6, an ultra...

Maison Bonnet excels in custom-made luxury eyewear

July 19, 2014 • Accessories, Fashion & Accessories

Maison Bonnet, famous French brand specialised in eyewear, created fine spectacle frames. Bolstered by its long experience in the eyewear industry, the brand offers a wide range of custom-made products manufactured following a long tradition of savoir-faire....