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“Life is about moments”, new advertising campaign for Baume & Mercier

July 2, 2014 • Jewels & Watches

The luxury watch manufacturer Baume & Mercier imagined a new advertising campaign centered around the most important moments in life. These privileged moments illustrate the company’s signature “Life is about moments”.


Life is about moments

With this new advertising campaign imagined by the advertising agency Mazarine Mlle Noi, Baume & Mercier attempts to affirm its place in the high-end, luxury event sector.

Founded in 1830 by Pierre Joseph Célestin Baume, this Swiss company proved time and time again its love for timepieces and what they symbolise. Indeed, for the watchmaker, time keepers are presents containing an abundance of feelings. They not only reflect the passing of time, but more importantly the exceptional times that have come and gone.

Weddings, births or birthdays are all important moments in a lifetime which the brand chose to celebrate through its new advertising campaign. For this reason the message accompanying the advertisement is “Life is about moments”.

Baume mercier campaign


The new campaign for Baume & Mercier

The new advertising campaign by Baume & Mercier focuses on different stages of life, all as significant as joyous. It was photographer Peter Lindbergh that the brand put in charge to immortalise these exceptional moments, a photographer previously requested by Dior, Bottega Venetta, Guerlain or Tiffany.


Baume mercier


The artist took black and white portraits illustrating the intimate aspect of these unique moments, as well as their universality. Alain Zimmerman, Baume & Mercier’s CEO explains, “We were looking for portraits by Peter Lindberg that would instill an intensity to each face, to each moment. His way of telling stories, of considering the models as actors […], everything was perfectly in line with what we wanted to express”.

Life is about moments includes 5 strong campaign visuals and 13 additional pictures. 6 videos of 15 secondes each have also been produced, representing different celebrations.  Finally, a 1 minute long video develops each special moment.


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