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The Aeroboat, the Rolls Royce powered speed boat

November 9, 2014 • Uncategorized

Claydon Reeves’ team of specialist designers took part in the long awaited garden party Salute to style, from the 16th to 19th of July in the Fullham Hurlingham Club’s garden, south-west of London. The company had the opportunity of introducing its new luxury yacht with airs of fighter plane.


The Aeroboat, a super yacht inspired by the Spitfire

The Aeroboat retraces the history of airplanes thanks to its design, particularly through the seats’ position, the throttle trigger and the switchgear’s positions. These elements are an exact reproduction of the Spitfire, Royal Air Force fighter famous for its actions during the Second World War

In addition to its undoubtedly British style, Clayton Reeves selected various quality materials such as Kevlar, carbon fiber and light wood varnished by English artists. Nevertheless, if this luxury yacht seduces enthusiasts with its retro and sporty appearance, what the boat hides under its hull will convince any engine enthusiast.




A Rolls Royce engine restored for a prestigious yacht

To equip this little beauty, Claydon Reeves saw big by choosing the prestigious Rolls Royce V2 engine. The model, known for having powered the Spitfire and the US PS1 mustang fighters, has been restored and converted for the Aeroboat.

This characteristic gives the boat 1100 horsepower for a maximum speed of 79 knots, a speed not usually found in yachts. With such a prowess, the Aeroboat’s speed makes it closer to speedboats, very appreciated during sea outings.

The model is not unique, rather produced in a limited number, the team having announced that they only built about 10 Aeroboats. Future buyers will be pleased to know that the boat s 14.6 metres long, accommodating a maximum of 7 people aboard, but most of all, the

Aeroboats can be entirely customised, just like the Rolls Royce cars.


According to the nautical company, the Aeroboat is “Clayton Reeves’ answer to all those who wish to combine speed with modern elegance”.



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