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Angélina’s new spring-summer pastry collection

July 21, 2014 • Luxury Cuisine

Pastry enthusiasts will be happy to discover Angélina’s latest pastries and sweets imagined. The sweet new collection by the brand distinguishes itself with springtime and gourmet recipes.


Summertime for Angélina

Each year, Angélina, famous tea salon founded in 1903, let its pastry chefs’ imaginations roam free to recreate the brand’s different desserts.

The iconic pastries of the brand, such as the Mont-Blanc, Mademoiselle Chanel’s favourite sweet, are always on display. However, a good part of the desserts on display are part of Angelina’s temporary collection, including no less than 7 desserts and sweets.

Refinement and sophistication are key, making each taste an intense culinary experience. In perfect harmony with the season, Angélina’s latest pastries are fresh and delicate. The sweets have exotic aromas and are dressed with colourful robes.



A new pastry collection for Angélina

The famous Parisian tea salon offers clients a large choice of desserts by revisiting some classics such as the apricot cheesecake. A peach-vanilla tart is also on display covered in almonds, a compote of white and yellow peaches and a crumble or desserts made of raspberries and a delicate Earl Grey pastry dream.

For the lavish gourmet, an strawberry and whipped cream éclair is available, a raspberry-pistachio tart or the classical ‘Fraisier’.

A new version of the iconic Mont-Blanc was also made for this occasion, with a strawberry heart and a Bourbon vanilla whipped cream.


The new Angélina pastries are available for 6 euros and 6.70 euros, in different sizes.


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