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Armand de Brignac sees big with his 30L champagne bottle

July 10, 2014 • Wines & Spirits

The champagne brand Armand de Brignac introduced an impressive bottle to contain his exquisite nectar. The prestigious liquid in this one of a kind bottle should sell for no less than $270 000.


The Midas: the biggest champagne bottle

Armand de Brignac distinguished itself for its competitors by offering clients an astonishing bottle. This special container holds 30L of champagne, the equivalent of about forty 750mL bottles, Armand de Brignac’s usual volume.

Gold coloured, each bottle is adorned with an elegant gold spades sign.

This impressive bottle of champagne measures 1.20 metres and weighs 45kg (99 pounds). Such a format makes this luxurious champagne bottle ideal for large festivities or an extraordinary event. The champagne and event will without a doubt be memorable.




The Armand de Brignac Champagne

The Midas bottles of Armand de Brignac champagne are not only extra large, but they also contain a high-quality vintage.

According to Yvonne Lardner, the house’s director of communication, this champagne was made from the best raisins grown in the French region of Champagne. Each step of this champagne’s production is done traditionally, and in the utmost secrecy.

Due to the Midas bottle’s gigantic size, Armand de Brignac decided to only produce a limited quantity of such bottles. These 30L bottles are available for 275 000 dollars.

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