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Armani’s luxury residences project in China

July 7, 2014 • Property & Design

Armani recently entered an association with Mind Group in order to build luxury residences in China. The first apartments will be available starting the end of 2014.

Armani jumps into Chinese high-end realty market

If Armani is famous for its fashion designs, its subsidiary Armani/Casa’s is well-known for its furniture designs. Launched in 2000, the studio specialised in luxury interior design, offering furniture, accessories, lamps and high-end fabrics.

Today, Armani/Casa Interior Design Studio joins Mind Group, a Chinese cultural institution, in a common project, the creation of luxury residences. These will be located in Chengdu, in the south-east of China. The studio intervenes in both the project’s conception but also in its development.





The home according to Armani/Casa

For the moment, the superb luxury residences imagined by Armani/Casa only comprise of two residences. They will, however, be a part of two 222 metres high buildings.

Inside the buildings, magnificently decorated apartments will occupy 65 stories. The residences as well as the common areas have all been designed by the Italian brand.

Named the Art Residence by Armani/Casa as a reference to its aesthetic and artistic style, these buildings will provide its future occupants high-end services.

Each residence will include a heated rooftop swimming pool and will be designed with Armani/Casa, Armani Rocca and Armani Dada furniture and accessories, included the kitchen and bathrooms.

I’m delighted to be creating luxury residences in Chengdu, providing a remarkable living space infused with a modern elegance to this vibrant 21st century town which nevertheless has deep roots which run through the country’s past.” says Giorgio Armani.


The first luxury apartments will be up for grabs by mid 2014, and the development should be finished by 2016.

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