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Aureus XV Absolute, the pleasure of sailing

July 8, 2014 • Automobiles & Engines

The Aureus Yacht company just created a new luxury yacht, combining the comfortable luxury of a yacht and the easy handling and performances of sailboats. Powerful and comfortable, the Aureus XV Absolute is indispensable for a successful boat trip.

The Aureus, a novel concept

The French brand Aureus Yacht just launched a unique yacht, a perfect combination between the power of a luxury yacht and the flexibility of a sailboat.

This innovative concept, countercurrent to the traditional and stagnant nautical industry, is the result of two and a half years of discussions, testing and development.

“Our ambitions were high: we set out to bring new thinking to a world of outdated aesthetics, on-board life and nautical performance. Such change cannot come about without powerful convictions and a refusal to accept compromises” says Aurélien Poncin, director of the Aureus brand.

The greatest nautical engineers were requested for this ambitious project in order to create this ‘Wild luxury’ yacht. A team of designers collaborated with the engineers to make this yacht as esthetic as it is powerful. The designers went with a modern and elegant look which, added to the multiple functions and its practical use, make this the yacht the most awaited yacht of the year.


Aureus Yacht


A powerful yacht

Designed with carbon fibres and epoxy resin, this 50 feet long sail-yacht is light and fast sailing. It was developed to combine great performances and the comfort of a maxi yacht. The yacht is equipped with hydraulic and electric systems giving the yacht a high level of autonomy and a secured navigation, guaranteeing perfect control and extreme sensations.

The hydro generator creates 500 watts at eight knots in clean energy, reducing consumption of fuel.

The deck, designed by the Italian architect Emmanuel Rossi, allows a person to move freely and has plenty of space to sunbathe. Below deck, there are two cabins located on opposite sides of the yacht with ensuite bathrooms, a kitchen and a saloon. The interior design was done by the Parisian Eric Benqué with durable materials such as wood, carbon and steel, unveiling a contemporary and elegant setting.

Despite being in the middle of the sea, the future owner of this unique yacht will have access to a giant flat TV screen and an unlimited internet connection.

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