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The world-wide market of French vintage wines

July 22, 2014 • Wines & Spirits

The best French wines, delightful to a fine gourmet’s sensitive palate and recommended by oenologists, are amongst the most internationally exported products. The sales of vintage wine in foreign countries never decrease, demonstrating the continuing interest for the unique French savoir-faire.


The influence of the French wine market

Currently, the wine and spirits market is one of the rare the French domains which has managed to export itself on the international market. Benefiting from a quality image and putting forth the specific French expertise and traditions developed though hundreds of years, these regional products are a symbol of the French savoir-vivre as well as one of the most dynamic markets of France.

In 2013, the French wine and spirits exportations yielded 11.1 million euros. Amongst all the delicious nectars produced, vintage wines and fine wines are particularly appreciated by French wine enthusiasts. Starred and gastronomic restaurants from across the planet try to acquire the best wines, hoping to affirm their position as an exceptional restaurant.

International auctions contribute to this market’s growth. Up until now, French wine and spirits represented 95% of the lots presented in international auctions. Cities such as New York, London or Hong Kong and Shanghai host the most prestigious wine auction houses.


great vintage wine


Vintage wines appreciated internationally

Amongst the vintage wines exported without much difficulty to foreign countries, the Bordeaux are number one. Enjoying an excellent reputation, these nectars represent both the ancestral methods of production and the renewal of these methods. Hence, red wines such as the Chateau Lafitte or Chateau Latour, or the white wines like Chateau d’Yquem, are amongst the most sought after bottles.

The Bourgogne are also very appreciated and are at the origin of the general rise in prices of wines and spirits. According to the website Wine Research, 37 of the 50 most expensive bottles of the world is a Bourgogne wine. Nowadays, the most expensive wines are those from Henri Jayer Richebourg’s vineyard. A bottle from his domain fetches for no less than 16 028 dollars (11 528 euros).

Finally the bubbly Champagnes are also sought after, as a symbol of festivities, joy and celebration. As opposed to the Bourgogne and Bordeaux wines, the collectors buy champagne to keep them for exceptional occasions.


Synonymous with prestige and savoir-faire, French wines a renowned across the planet, giving this growing market a promising future.

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