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Discreet and ingenuous, the new safe by Brabus

November 13, 2014 • Property & Design

Stockinger, renowned safe manufacturer, partnered up with the German aftermarket tuning company Brabus to create a new safe. the alliance of these two brands gives rise to a unique piece, combining design and security.


A safe signed Brabus and Stockinger

A recent phenomenon has seen an increase in collaborations between automobile brands and brands of other sectors; a collaboration which at first seems improbable. However, the result is often beyond all expectations, giving rise to original creations. Hence, Aston Martin collaborated with the watchmaker Jaeger-LeCoultre to design a watch capable of opening an Aston Martin car from a distance, whilst the Jaguar and Moynat partnership resulted in a luggage specifically for a Jaguar convertible. Today, it is Brabus’ turn to astonish the public by participating in a project not quite in line with the automobile sector.

The German brand created a luxury safe, manufactured with the assistance of the famous brand Stockinger. Devoted to the safeguarding of fine jewellery and watches, the Brabus SV12 was created from noble materials.

In elegant black lacquered wood, with dark leather lining and steel components, the safe has 12 separate compartments, each compartment for one timepiece.


stockinger safe


The safe Brabus SV12, ideal for private usage

Designed to keep different pieces of jewellery and timepieces in a secure space, the safe Brabus SV12 is an optimal setting for exceptional timepieces. Equipped with a 12 module watch winder, it allows its owner to keep his watches in a secure space without putting aside the maintenance of his automatic timepieces.

The safe was designed for private usage: 126.5 x 66.5cm with a depth of 55.5 cm. With a volume of 185 litres, the safe features an integrated emergency system.




Exclusive, the Brabus and Stockinger safe limited to 25 editions only.


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