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The bubble chair by Eero Aarnio, a timeless design

July 8, 2014 • Luxury News, Property & Design

The Bubble Chair signed by the great designer Eero Aarnio is now an inescapable piece of design and luxury furniture. Created more than 40 years ago, this seat is as successful as before.


Birth of the Bubble Chair

The Bubble Chair was imagined by the creator Eero Aarnio in 1968. Great name of the Finnish designer world, his designs quickly become part of the Pop-design movement.

In 1963, he created the Balloon Chair, a large and comfortable chair surround by a round shell. It was a great success due to its atypical shape, seemingly like an alcove where one has the illusion of tranquillity and protection.

A few years later, Eero Aarnio drew inspiration from his first masterpiece to create a new chair. Still using the alcove form, he wishes to let the light in from all directions. Hence, he created a transparent shell with a cushion.

Once the design finished, the designer has the brilliant idea of replacing the chair’s feet and hanging the bubble to the ceiling; a clever move that increased the aesthetics of his creation and its singularity.


Bubble chair


The Bubble Chair, comfortable and design

More than 40 years after its creation, the Bubble Chair is still as present as at its birth. Its atypical and contemporary design fits perfectly with the current fashion and interior design trends.

These transparent chairs are made in acrylic, a very resistant material sometimes used to build roofs. The acrylic’s strength contrasts with the delicate design, staying with the Balloon chair’s spirit and fulfilling Eero Aarnio’s wish to let the light in.

Its large opening and its transparency allows one to take in his surroundings, whilst being in a cocoon of peace. Indeed, the Bubble Chair has a very particular acoustic, in that the acrylic prevents sounds from permeating the bubble.

Hung from the ceiling by a steel chain, the bubble is completed by two big leather cushions allowing one to curl up inside.


Sold in the greatest design stores, the prices for the Bubble Chair 1968 by Eero Aarnio are at about 3 000 euros.

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