Prada accused of tax evasion

July 24, 2014 • Business

After Dolce & Gabbana’s fine of 343.3 million euros (439.70 million US dollars) for tax evasion, in January, in was Prada’s, famous Italian maison de haute-couture, turn to be under investigation on charges of tax evasion.   Prada under investigation At the end of 2013, a number of important members of the luxury goods sector [&hellip...

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The Galeries Lafayette’s international dream

July 24, 2014 • Business

Late last year, the French chain of department stores Galeries Lafayette was in the midst of an exclusive discussion with its British counterpart: House of Fraser. After searching for a long time to invest its capital, this project was essential for the...

Mulberry’s new strategy will delays its profits

July 9, 2014 • Business

The British brand Murberry recently confirmed its new marketing strategy, aimed at lowering its prices. This decision might have a short term impact on the brand’s benefits.   Mulberry adopts a new strategy Two years ago, Mulberry decided to focus on...

The LVMH Conglomerate wishes to launch its luxury store Galleria in Europe

July 7, 2014 • Business

Galleria, the luxury products distribution brand belonging to LVMH, might in the near future settle in Europe. This marks a turning point in LVMH’s journey which, although remains a project, is slowly but surely taking form.   The launching of Galleria...

LaCie Sphère, hard drive designed by Christofle

June 30, 2014 • Business

French luxury brand Christofle combined its unique know-how of silvercraft with high technology, by collaborating with LaCie to create a new hard drive – a genuinely functional work of art.   Silversmith Christofle designs a high-tech hard drive...