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Champagne, symbol of luxury

June 27, 2014 • Wines & Spirits

Champagne has always been linked to luxury. Indeed, this sparkling wine has the imaginary yet powerful power of representing splendour, subtlety and pleasure.

Manufacturing of Champagne

A unique wine, Champagne is manufactured thanks to a combination of different wines. Some Champagne will even be composed of more than 70 different wines and bottled in vineyards covering the Marne, the Aube and the Aisne in the Champagne region of France.

The three primary grapes used to produce champagne are the pinot noir, the white chardonnay and the pinot meunier. The Chardonnay brings finesses, freshness, and an good length on the palate; the pinot noir, body and generosity; finally, the pinot meunier fruitiness adds and complexity to the Champagne.

On the other hand, Rosé Champagne is manufactured thanks to a combination of red wines and white wines from Champagne.

Champagne Chandon

An exceptional taste requiring an exceptional process

The harvest of wine grapes to be transformed into Champagne has always been done by and in order to preserve the quality of the grapes carefully chosen. The grapes are then pressed before the start of their fermentation, which will transforme the grape’s sugar into alcohol.

The traditional method or ‘méthode Champenoise’ requires that the Champagne be made up of different wines from different years. Once in a bottle, a good Champagne must continue to age in a cool cellar for a minimum of three years. With age the flavour of the Champagne increases. Hence, renowned wine producers leave the Champgne to mature for many many years.

In a Champagne flute, 10 million bubbles sparkle and fizz to the greatest pleasure of the eyes and the palate. The quality of a Champagne can be determined by the size of the bubbles. Indeed, the smaller the bubbles, the better the Champagne.

There are as many flavours as there are types of Champagne. Thus, all tasters will have a different preferences according to the wines combined during the manufacturing process.

Despite irregularity in the quality of certain Champagnes, well known vineyards and Champagne producers manage to uphold the high quality of their Champagne which explains how they maintain the high prices of their products.


The best Champagne

Dom Pérignon, Roederer, Pol Roger, Taittinger, Gosset, Moet & Chandon, Heisieck, Pommery, Clicquot, Bollinger…

One will never make a mistake when offering a good bottle of Champagne.

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