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The Chateau de Versailles Delights

July 4, 2014 • Luxury Cuisine

The Château de Versailles, renowned across the world for its magnificent architecture, its Galerie des Glaces and its gardens designed by André Le Nôtre, is also known for its gastronomy. Indeed, a fine food store (épicerie fine) under the brand Château de Versailles, elaborated following the recipes of the 17th and 18th century. This project was achieved thanks to collaboration with farmer Bernard Lafon.


The birth of a project

The splendour of the Château de Versailles and its gardens often hides the many other treasures that the land had during King Louis XIV’s lifetime and which it still retains today. What is not common knowledge is that the Sun King transformed his castle and his gardens to fulfill his love for culinary experimentation. Everything was done to grow a variety of foods and celebrate French gastronomy.

This heritage is passed-on today by Bernard Lafon, farmer famous for his love of forgotten vegetables, who finally obtained his licence to launch the épicerie fine Château de Versailles. Through this unique fine gastronomy store, he pays tribute to the gastronomic savoir-faire of the time by inviting fins gourmets to discover a cultural and sensory richness.


Versailles epicerie fine


L’épicerie royale

The épicerie fine Chateau de Versailles offers a wide range of products each more appetising than the other and divided in three categories.

The Royal Garden category, offers a variety of fruit and vegetable recipes following the steps of Jean-Baptiste de la Quintinie, Louis XIV’s gardener. On the other hand, the Queen’s Delicacies counts a number of renowned sweets and syrups of the time. Finally, the King’s Pleasure is a collection of refined goods such as foie gras and Périgord truffles.

The fine gastronomy goods Chateau de Versailles will be available in the Château de Versailles’ boutique and in other fine gastronomy stores.

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