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Christofle invents a process to preserve silverware

October 28, 2014 • Jewels & Watches

Christofle, renowned for its expertise in silver workmanship, just put together a new process aiming to delay silverware oxidation. Thanks to this innovation, the most beautiful pieces of silverware will be able to maintain their brilliance through the years.


Christofle, the silverware revolution

Founded in 1830, the silversmith survived the years by adapting himself to each of them. Today, the brand reinvents itself by offering a new process devoted to the conservation of silverware.

Named Silverer, the concept is patented and will be applied to all Christofle collections. The treatment appears as an invisible barrier which covers the whole surface of each piece.

Thierry Oriez, the brand’s CEO, highlighted that this technique does not modify whatsoever the silver’s quality and brilliance, nor does it provoke cracks. It has a long term effect which should last many years. The brand explains that nonetheless, the silverware’s environment could affect the quality of the treatment.


silverware care


The Silverer process by Christofle

The ingenious technique created by Christofle will be applied on 30% of the silversmith’s silverware. Since April 2014, all the collections are treated with Silverer except cutlery, the process not adapted to the high-temperatures of dishwashers.

The objects treated will have the brand’s hallmark in order to illustrate the quality of this particular silverware. Despite the treatment costing at least 10% of the production cost of each item, prices of the Christofle collections will remain the same.


This new process created by the silversmith Christofle which will delay the aging of silverware was inspired by the aeronautical domain.


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