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Explore the Amazonia with Aqua Expeditions

April 6, 2015 • Travels & Hotels

In Peru, Aqua Expeditions welcome’s traveller to go board a boat for an extraordinary experience. Aboard luxurious yachts, the company brings visitors to discover the mysteries of the Amazonia.


From a cruise to an expedition

The Amazonia remains today one of the rare regions where nature is king. Its wild and expansive flora and its exotic fauna are the objects of many stories and beliefs.

To offer guests a chance to peer into the marvels hidden away in this territory, Aqua Expeditions found a concept combining luxury with exploration, whilst respecting the surrounding nature. Passengers will embark upon magnificent yachts for an exotic experience across the Amazonian river.

From 3 to 7 days, the itineraries offered allow guests to approach the local fauna and flora during different stops, accompanied by professional naturalists and biologists.


aria amazonia yacht cruise


An idyllic cruise

This concept offered by Aqua expeditions subtly combines the luxury of a cruise with the exoticism of an expedition.

Aboard the yacht navigating the Amazonian river, passengers will enjoy unique landscapes, where nature is still preserved. The contemplation of splendid horizons continues in each of the 12 rooms aboard where large bay windows give passengers a panorama of the nature from within their rooms.

Long of 40 metres, the two Aqua Expedition yachts, Aria and Aqua, possess the luxuries of a 5 star hotel. Decorated in a lodge and comfortable style, they can be host to 24 passengers in addition to the crew and the medical staff.

Furthermore, discovery workshops and canoe rides are offered. Guests are also invited to use the Jacuzzi on the deck and the sports room. Chef Pedro Miquel Schiaffino, heading the kitchens of both yachts, offers a menu of Peruvian culinary specialties, a wonderful taste of the local gastronomy.


peru yacht cruise


Building on its success, Aqua Expeditions will be offering new itineraries between Cambodia and Vietnam, over the Mekong delta.

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