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Kona residence, a design and eco-friendly villa

April 23, 2015 • Property & Design

Kona residence was erected on a Hawaiian island, in a remarkable natural setting. Modern in its design, the villa has the particularity of being environmentally friendly making it in perfect harmony with its surroundings.


Kona residence, a design inspired by the Hawaiian charm

Built in 2010, this exceptional villa is the result of a collaboration between Belzberg Architects and the interior design agency MLK Studio. This luxurious residence, both contemporary and green, has been awarded the Freestanding Award from Interior Design Magazine.

The Kona Residence was built between hardened lava flows. Anchored in a preserved natural setting, the villa’s design has been thought out according to its different point of views, in order to enjoy it fully. Du to this aesthetic choice, the occupants of this house will always have a magnificent view over the mountain and sea.

To ensure that each resident has as much intimacy as possible, private spaces including all the necessary commodities have been built separately, but remain linked by a corridor. The villa’s geometrical curves are home to a number of bedrooms, a living room and a pergola with a magnificently hand-sculpted wood ceiling, as per the Hawaiian tradition. The swimming pool is outside allowing the villa’s occupants to enjoy the fresh Hawaiian air.


kona-residence hawaii

A luxury eco-friendly villa

To preserve the sumptuous setting in which the villa was built, the architects set up various systems to reduce energy consumption.

Solar panels have been fixed on the villa’s roofs. Furthermore, different arrangements have been anticipated to collect rain water, thus reducing water consumption. Volcanic black rock is also used to heat the swimming pool’s water via the sun’s heat.


eco friendly villa


The Kona Residence brilliantly managed to combine a contemporary design with environmentally friendly systems to preserve its natural surroundings.



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