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A fantasy jewel collection around fluorescent diamonds

July 2, 2014 • Jewels & Watches

The creator of fantasy jewels Flavie Bébéar is specialised in a domain with great potential, fluorescent diamonds. Last March she presented her new collection made up of original and refined pieces that glow in the dark light.


Jewels of fluorescent diamonds

The first diamonds were discovered in Africa in the 1860s and 70s. Since then diamonds have been cut and polished and used in various ways. However, it was the jewellery industry that made the diamond a symbol of luxury and elegance but also of eternity. And despite 200 years of use, diamonds still have characteristics that the industry has yet to exploit. Indeed, this precious stone has a recently discovered that they are fluorescent due to a chemical reaction activated by sunlight and other ultra-violet lights

Making good use of this reaction, Flavie Bébéar created an entier collection of fluorescent jewellery. Grappe, the first collection by this ingenious artist propelled her to the forefront of the jewellery industry. The jewels, in appearance very classical in their design, later revealed an astonishing brilliance of colours once hidden from the sunlight and under a back light.

Flavie Bébéar recently introduced her latest creations in a new collection named Maya.



By Flavie – Maya

The artist continues to create fluorescent diamond jewellery. Named Maya, this new collection takes after the Greek Summer goddess. The theme of these wonderous pieces of jewellery centers around life and renewal, with finesse and elegance.

Jewellery from the brand By Flavie are made in white gold set with diamonds. This new colletion also looks like a classical piece of jewellery during the day that has nothing to envy brands such as Cartier or Chanel, but once in a dark light the collection reveals its true potential.

The collection includes necklaces, bracelets and earrings all inspired by nature, where leaves and flowers swirl in a nonexistent wind.


By Flavie


Discover more fluorescent jewellery by Flavie Bébéar on her website.


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