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First fashion collection for L’Eclaireur

July 17, 2014 • Fashion & Accessories, Luxury for Men

L’Eclaireur launched in May its first ready-to-wear line. This collection for men created by the Paris multi-label store is now available in the brand’s many boutiques, next to the creations of other designers.


Ready-to-wear by L’Eclaireur

One of the most renowned concept stores in Paris, L’Eclaireur chose to diversifie its activity by creating its own ready-to-wear collection. The Parisian chain of retail stores wished to see displayed a collection of its own next to the other designer’s collections.

The collection devoted to men, is the result of Armand Hadida’s initiative. The man who fathered this new collection described it as a bubble of oxygen amongst the other creations present in the brand’s stores. But moreover, it was a response to clients’ ever increasing demands.

Timeless, the new fashion line by L’Eclaireur bets on adapting the clothes to the different seasons, certain models also adapted to wear throughout the year. The collection includes designs born from the collaboration between L’Eclaireur and some of the designers displayed in the boutique.




The L’Eclaireur collection for men

The first ready-to-wear collection created by the Parisian multi-label store unveiled various T-shirts, sweat shirts, shirts and vests. It also includes shoes and accessories such as swimsuits. All the clothes have been created from luxurious materials.

L’Eclaireur is planning on enriching its collection by adding new pieces. However, the brand will not be expanding its activities to ready-to-wear for women Furthermore, some creations will remain available next seasons. As Armand Hadida explained, once clients like a certain product they always come back to it, hence why the collection won’t change in the next year or so.

The line includes bags, jewels and other objects such as a backgammon game.


The collection for men by L’Eclaireur will be available in the brand’s different stores and in its online boutique. The elements of the collection vrie from 180 euros to 2400 euros.



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