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Fragrances, a bar inspired by luxury perfumeries

July 24, 2014 • Wines & Spirits

Berlin’s Hotel Ritz-Carlton is at the origin of a unusual and promising concept, the first bar just like a luxury perfumery. The address will offer a wide range of cocktails inspired by famous fragrances in a particularly carefully designed setting.


Fragrances, the Berlin Ritz-Carlton’s bar

In Berlin, the prestigious hotel Ritz-Carlton unveiled the new concept of it latest bar, a bar imagined as an exact replica of a luxury perfumery. The renowned establishment wished to combined the olfactory world of perfumes with that of the visual and tasty world of cocktails, each domain being rich, complex and dizzying.

The menu of this new place was composed by following the recipes of famous perfumes by Giorgio Armani, Annick Goutal, L’Artisan Parfumeur or Yves Saint Laurent. The mixologist Arnd Heissen drew his inspiration from different scents in order to compose unique cocktails which, from the very first taste, will transport epicureans through an subjugating sensorial experience.

At Fragrances, we want our guests not only to enjoy their drinks, but to experience them,” as Arnd Heissen explains the new concept. “In the choice of their favourite cocktails, our guests depend entirely on their senses. An experiment, which demands courage and curiosity on the part of the guests, but which at the same time can be unbelievably inspiring”.




A bar with scented cocktails

The interior design imagined for the bar Fragrances invites guests to taste in a setting not unlike old perfume laboratories, where research and experimenting are key.

Along the walls are displayed bottles of alcohol composing the various cocktails. Bamboo cages, large mirrors in golden frames and comfortable leather seats enhance the experience with a cosy and original atmosphere. In tribute to the perfume world and its natural scents, blooming shrubs are scattered at every corner of the bar.

In total 15 cocktails are proposed at the Ritz-Carlton Berlin hotel’s Fragrance bar. Each drink is accompanied by snacks such as the vanilla-strawberry macaroon accompanying the drink named ‘Signorina’ inspired by Salvatore Ferragamo’s fragrance of the same name.


fragrance bar berlin


The hotel Ritz-Carlton of Berlin also offers its clients a special Luxury Perfume weekend which includes a two day stay in the palace and a perfume workshop with a perfume ewpert.

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