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Graff presents a $55 million timepiece

July 3, 2014 • Jewels & Watches

The British diamond dealer and watchmaker Graff took advantage of the 2014 Baselworld edition to introduce one of its most recent creations, Hallucination. Whilst the timepiece is extraordinary it is its estimates value that has been the biggest shock. Indeed, it has been valued at 55 million US dollars (40 million euros).


Hallucination by Graff

Every year, the World Watch and jewellery Show Baselworld reveals some of the most beautiful and striking pieces of jewellery and horology of the year. The 2014 edition, however, revealed a highly unexpected and magnificent timepiece by Graff, a watch made of hundreds of diamonds.

The gems used are all extremely rare, ensuring that this timepiece is one of a kind. Yellow, blue, green orange or silver, the diamonds of this time keeper form a kaleidoscope of psychedelic effects. Named Hallucination, this masterpiece has been aptly named.

This watch was the first piece introduced by Graff during Baselworld and was acclaimed by high-end horology enthusiasts. It is also considered one of the most expensive pieces ever presented at Baselworld.


graff hallucination


A diamond-encrusted ladies watch

Creating Hallucination was not easy work for Graff. Indeed, the watch represents many thousand hours of hard work for gemologists, designers andcraftsmen, and looking at the end product it was well worth it. Today this 110 carats watch is valued at 40 million euros.

Laurence Graff, the company chairman explains, “For many years I have thought about creating a truly remarkable watch that illustrates our all consuming passion for diamonds. The Hallucination has made my diamond dream a reality.


Hallucination by Graff is now considered the most expensive timepiece in the history of horology.

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