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The Hermès square brings refinement to the male wardrobe

June 26, 2014 • Fashion & Accessories, Luxury for Men


Renowned for its savoir-faire in ready-to-wear, leather, perfumery and lifestyle accessories, French brand Hermès has a prominent position in many different sectors of luxury. However, the one product which to its success is without a doubt its famous Hermès silk square. Since 1937, this silk scarf sublimates men and women who wear it.

The Hermès square for men

Hermès first introduced its famous squares for men in 1937. The quality of the silk use to create them was enough to establish Hermès as a leader in the sector of luxury for men. Since then, the brand varies the patterns and printed fabrics for its sumptuous squares. Equestrian, military, classic or modern, the Hermès brand continutally renews its themes thus to match the desires of its clients and their interests.

Despite the Hermès square winter collection being rather sober compared to past collections, it remains an accomplished product which, with its discrete prints, gives this timeless and perenially fashionable accessory a touch of singularity.


Hermès square for men

How to wear the Hermès square?

This accessory is always an excellent addition to a man’s outfit making it sophisticated where without it it would seem simple or stern.

The Hermès squares for men can be worn during casual outings were formal clothes is not required. Worn with a T-shirt, or a shirt, the square will make an outfit look neat and classy without too much effort. During a night out, a week end to the countryside, business travels, or just a short walk, the Hermès square always brings a touch of elegance whilst keeping your neck warm.

Men can wear the Hermès square either tied close to their neck, knot at the front, or simply around their shoulders with the corners falling back onto their chests. It is also possible to cross the extremities at the front and put it in the collar. Either way, the scarf is an indispensable accessory for all men as it can be worn with anything and bring out a sense of refinement.

The Hermès squares can be found in the brand’s boutiques, in France, in foreign countries or on the brand’s official website.


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