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The Hesselblad Lunar, an exceptional camera

July 25, 2014 • Business

The iconic brand of camera’s Hasselblad launched an exceptional model, the Hasselblad Lunar, whose aesthetics has been as thought through as its various functions.


The Hasselblad Lunar, a sought after object

Hasselblad, famous Swedish camera manufacturer, worked for over 50 years with some of the greatest professionals of the planet. The year 1969 marked a turning point for the brand: during Apollo 11’s mission, the American astronaut Neil Armstrong used one of the brands cameras, the 500, to immortalise his first steps on the moon.

Nearly 25 years later, Hasselblad continues to innovate. Its latest creation, intended for those passionate of photography, is both aesthetic as it is practical and powerful.

To create this model, the Swedish brand drew inspiration for the most beautiful race car models. With fluid and elegant lines that cover the device, in a quite retro style. Directly inspired by the iconic 500 model, Hasselblad Lunar is adorned with a refined chrome frame, smooth and supple.

The camera was manufactured from noble materials such as leather, copper, titanium and carbon fibre. The model can also be set with precious stones according to the client’s wishes.




Amazing photographic capacities

As an object which will soon become a collector amongst amateur photographers, Hasselblad Lunar can be customised. Larry Hansen, Hasselblad’s current CEO, explained, ”We didn’t simply create another edition of the digital dark room camera…this camera evolves with you. The leather or wood finish that we offer will, overtime, imprint on your hand”.

First hybrid camera of the brand, Hasselblad Lunar is equipped with a Sony mechanism. It features high definition sensors, for 200 pixels pictures. The quality of each photograph taken is beyond reproach, but can be improved thanks to the many functions offered by the model.
Larry Hansen added, “The Lunar is unique in the history of photography. It will be attractive to those searching for the perfect picture, but who is looking to possess an iconic model”.



The Hasselblad Lunar is available for 5000 euros in some specialised boutiques across the world.


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