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World Cup special, the Hublot Big Bang Unico Chrono Bi-Rétrograde

July 2, 2014 • Jewels & Watches

Watchmaker Hublot finally revealed its new watch, the Big Bang Unico Chrono Bi-Rétrograde. The atypical watch was specially created for football professionals, for the World Cup 2014 currently taking place.


The World Cup 2014 official stopwatch by Hublot

Hublot, famous Swiss watch manufacturer, was selected to create the World Cup 2014 official stopwatch. The brand, first luxury watchmaker to have the honour of joining such an international sports event, successfully completed his task by combining traditional techniques with exotic materials.

Created for this very special occasion, the Big Bang Unico Chrono Bi-Rétrograde’s time indicators sport the brazilian colours which contrast nicely with the mat and satin black of the dial.

Hublot’s signature rubber bracelet  is still present in this exceptional timepiece and closes with a PVD black titanium deployment clasp.

The watch who has earned the name Soccer Bang, is equiped with a bi-retrograde function along with a central chronograph. This mechanical movement, customised for football professionals and fans, allows the watch to be used to time each half of a match and to track overtime.


Hublot big bang


A watch made for football

The timepiece imagined by Hublot will help any fan or football professional know how much time has gone by and how much time is left until the end of a match. 18 months of hard work and research were needed for the watch manufacturer to finaly create the a bi-retrograde automatique movement, the Hub 1260.

Presently unmatched, this mechanism allows the hands to rapidly turn back to their starting point. They move from left to right in a semi-circle representing the 45 minutes of a match. The first half and the second half of the game are clearly displayed on the dial as well as overtime.

On the bezel, a green button allows to start and stop the stopwatch. Another button enables the selection of one of the four parts of a game being timed and to display it on the dial as a number from 1 to 4.

The owners of this fabulous watch will also be able to read the time with the very discreet dial present at 0600.




The Big Bang Unico Chrono bi-retrograde signed Hublot is  available in two versions. One is an 18 carat King Gold version with carbon fibre bezel, limited to just 100 pieces. The other is a black ceramic version, also with a carbon fibre bezel, which is limited to 200 numbered pieces. Both carry the official logo, on the transparent sapphire crystal back.

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