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An iPhone sold for 1 million dollars

July 18, 2014 • Accessories, Fashion & Accessories

The Alchemist London, British brand of fine luxury accessories, created an exceptional iPhone from noble materials. Its worth is valued at 1 million dollars.


A fine luxury project

Evolving in the luxury accessories sector, the Alchemist London plunged head-first in the creation of an iPhone with the aim of redefining what luxury is. Famous for its products with unique designs and novel creations, the brand distinguishes itself once again by offering a technological tool of great value. Due to the precious materials from which it was designed, it is estimated at 1 million dollars.

More than a simple accessory, these professionals of luxury accessories wish their work to be considered a piece of art, a masterpiece if you will.




An iPhone for 1 million dollars

The design of the iPhone took 7 months of preparation and 5 months to manufacture.

This unique piece of technology is covered with 24 carats gold on the side, the back and the “Home” button. It is also adorned with a 2 carats diamond. More than 700 other individual diamonds dress the sides of the iPhone and its other buttons – a total of 7 carats.


The Alchemist London iPhone is a limited edition of two only.

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