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Calma E Gesso, crystal furniture made in Italy

July 24, 2014 • Property & Design

During the Design Week 2014 which took place in Milan, Gregg Brodarick and Adriano Design introduced the surprising collection Calma E Gesso. Redefining the codes of modern furniture, all the pieces are entirely made of crystal, combining refinement and lightness, for a new vision of Italian luxury.


Mixing quality with sophistication

The first pieces unveiled during the ceremony, the Filotto billiards table was also the most awaited piece. This tactical and amusing activity, very appreciated in Italy, inspired the collection’s name and its two creators’ frame of mind. The piece combines innovation with design for a new experience of the game; away with the traditional green wool and in with a simple yet elegant metal plate, allowing for a smoother game.The creators of the Filotto billiards table won their bet as the table has already found a new owner, now a part of Ralph Lauren’s interior design in New York.

Within the same theme, Adriano Design and Gregg Brovarick presented two other pieces of their collection. With a metal structure and its 24 carats gold plated accessories, Teckkell, the table football, is a little jewel. Available in green, black or see through, the designers had for ambition to reinvent this game traditionally found in bars and lounges. Despite the difficulties of such an endeavour, the designers beat them down to create a light and sophisticated table, in perfect harmony with the most refined decors.

On the other hand, the Lungolinea, latest revelation of the Calma E Gesso collection, adapted the beauty and elegance of the collection into a completely uncluttered design. Veritable contemporary ping-pong table, this piece is a revolutionary masterpiece. Mixing the crystal’s strength and refinement, this table allows a completely transparent game which will bring players exceptional sensations.


calma geso table tennis


Furniture inspired by Italian values

If the pieces of the Calma E Gesso collection are especially eye catching due to their dynamic and intelligent design, this collection is mostly based on its creators’ desires to pay tribute to Italian traditions and savoir-faire.

Adriano Design’s traditional and modern style combines forms, techniques and prestigious materials to transform everyday items into desired pieces of art. For Calma E Gesso, the two creators had to find innovative solutions which was concluded by a well deserved success.




Each piece of their collection is a demonstration of Gregg Brodarick and Adriano Design’s technique and love of design, which they describe as, “50% elegance, 50% innovation and 100% Italian”.

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