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June, the first connected bracelet by Netatmo

July 17, 2014 • Accessories, Fashion & Accessories

Natatmo, French manufacturer of technological goods, launched its first connected bracelet. Baptised June, the design was thoroughly thought through and allows its wearer to measure their exposure to the sun.


June, a protection against UV lights

Cutting-edge technology, connected bracelets are becoming very common on the technologies market. The big brands of the sector have already offered such technology, most of them being a bracelet measuring physical activities.

To set itself apart from the others, the brand Netatmo created a connected bracelet with unique functions. The bracelet 2.0 imagined by the brand will allow its wearer to measure their exposure to UV lights.

This accessory is simple and elegant. The bracelet is made of a thin strap of leather curls delicately around the wrist and is adorned with a metal piece. Equipped with a discreet U sensor, it sends all the necessary information by Bluetooth directly on the wearer’s iPhone. Thanks to this application, its wearer will be made aware of her exposure to the sun, the potential risks of sunburn and the time left to safely stay in the sun.

The June bracelet by Netatmo also recommends different sun creams adapted to the wearer’s skin type.


connected bracelet june


The Netatmo racelet, a unique creation

The functions available in the June bracelet are very attractive and have been the subject of many conversations. For its creativity, the brand was rewarded during the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

Fred Potter, founder and CEO of Netatmo, explains “We are expecting a lot from these products, connected objects are at the crossroad of two movements, a fusion of fashion and technology”.

Beyond its useful functions the bracelet June was designed as a fashionable accessory. Designed by Camille Toupet, who also collaborated with jewellers Boucheron and Dinh Van, the jewel is available in three colours: gold, platinum and black.



 June is now available in Netatmo’s online store and in Apple stores.


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