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Krug Champagne, a luxury nectar

November 4, 2014 • Wines & Spirits

The Maison Krug produces every year a high-quality champagne, born from 16 decades of savoir-faire. Mixing tradition with a futuristic aura, the brand upholds its history and fame by producing vintage wines.


Krug, a traditional champagne

It was in 1843, in Reims, that Joseph Krug founded his own Champagne house. Determined to create the best nectar, he is uncompromising and develops a specific savoir-faire. In 1848, his combines all his tricks and methods of production in a red notebook.

This object has since then become iconic for the brand, representing the brand’s and its champagne’s rich heritage. Bought by the LVMH group who also recently acquired Chateau d’Yquem, the champagne producer now enjoys an international fame.

The care with which the raisins are chosen and assembled, the aging process in a cellar of the different wines and the investment of each worker, contribute to the champagne’s exquisite taste, making it one of the most appreciated champagnes.




The Krug Grande cuvée

The Maison Krug’s strength comes from the large selection of wines to which it has access. For a minimum of 15 years, the wine producer lets some of its 120 wines age to then be used in the production of champagne. The reunion of great wines remains in the cellar for 6 more years in order to obtain a unique champagne.

The brand takes exceptionally good care in the production of its champagnes, born from a combination of different wines. Sometimes, some exceptional nectars are kept for a second aging process. Tasted and tested every year by a team of specialists, the wines are open to tasting once they are deemed ready – in other words, perfect. Rare and precious, the different wines compose the Krug Champagnes collection.


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