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Lauge Jensen Goldfinger, a gold motorcycle

October 17, 2014 • Automobiles & Engines

The Danish manufacturer Lauge Jensen is renowned for its innovative and luxurious mechanical creations. The brand introduces today its latest model, the Goldfinger, manufactured in gold and diamonds.


Lauge Jensen: unique motorcycles

Lauge Jensen is brand famous for its extremely limited edition creations. Each one of manufacturer’s creations is unique, basing every one of its models exclusively on its clients’ demands. Nevertheless, the brand’s different prototypes have one common characteristic, they all have the chassis and engine.

In 2009, the manufacturer introduced its Great Dane, a model which can be entirely customised by its future owner, and available in only 500 pieces. Despite the brand’s target consumer market being motorcycle enthusiasts, it has nonetheless acquired an impressive notoriety.


golfinger gold motorcyle


The Lauge Jensen Goldfinger

To surprise its clients and strengthen its image within the fine luxury motorcycle sector, Lauge Jensen imagined a model manufactured in gold and diamonds.

This exceptional sports model was named Goldfinger, in reference to the cinema’s most famous British spy. Its wheel-rims are 24 carats gold-plated. The motorcycle is set with 250 diamonds for a sparkling and memorable look. On the other hand, the seat is covered in brown crocodile leather.

Provided with the latest technologies of Lauge Jensen motorcycles and adorned with a precious coat, the Goldfinger is now available for 612 000 euros.


After having manufactures a 24 carats gold covered motorcycle, Lauge Jensen is currently working on a new project, aiming to produce a model worth one million dollars.


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