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Laulhère unveils a new collection of berets

July 17, 2014 • Accessories, Fashion & Accessories

Laulhère, the famous made in France headwear brand, revisited the French beret for its new winter/fall 2014/2015 collection. Between modernity and tradition, the line includes accessories for men and women.


Laulhère revisits the beret

Founded in the Pyrénées in 1840, maison Laulhère developed a unique savoir-faire in the conception of headwear. Its fame has been entirely based on the typical accessory of the region, the beret.

The berets are manufactured from first class raw materials, a felted wool velvety to the touch, and using an ancestral technique developed 170 years ago.

Over the decades, the brand managed to keep up with the fashion trends by offering modern designs. With berets for both men and women, the brand offers 40 berets made from only 4 basic models.




Coloured berets signed Laulhère

The new collection for men imagined by Laulhère includes three types of berets. Available in three colours, black, brown and blue, each are adorned with the brand’s famous Hallmark. Amongst the models presented, the manufacturer chose to reinvent the beret in two different designs : one slightly vintage, the 1898, and the other more contemporary, the Brando.

On the other hand, the collection for women is inspired by the 1919 to 1929 called in French ‘les années folles’ (Crazy Years). For the Mademoiselle collection, the brand chose to stay simple with one model, but available in 19 different colours.




The new winter/fall beret collection by Laulhère are present on the brand’s website : www.laulhè


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