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Luvienz, an alliance of champagne and caviar

July 15, 2014 • Wines & Spirits

Luvienz is the name of a surprising drink, inviting the gourmand to live a new experience. Mixing the aromas of champagne and caviar, this nectar pushes aside the distinction food and drink by combining the two in a single liquid.


The birth of an exclusive concept

The Maison Luvienz founded by Guillaume Laborie and Leevy Pennenaech, two lovers of luxurious and refined goods. After traveling and meeting numerous people, these audacious businessmen decided to collaborate and combine the two symbols of gastronomy and luxury: the caviar and champagne.

The former is considered to be the utmost of sophistication, a culinary art which has survived many centuries. The latter, a golden nectar that sublimates the different events celebrated during a life time. Both of these products have a unique taste; a taste improved over hundreds of years, proof of long lasting traditions and savoir-faire.


caviar flavoured champagne


Maison Luvienz

Since the birth of this idea of creating this liquid, the two partners of the Maison Luvienz have not ceased to work on their concept. In 2012, the transformation process allowing the production of this unique beverage was finally built.

To produce a high quality nectar, Luvienz collaborated with renowned champagne producers as well as high-quality caviar brands. The creators explained that they chose to make the champagne with 100% Chardonnay grapes for its finesse and oscietra caviar for a subtle iodine laced flavour.

Despite the presence of high-quality champagne, the mix with caviar does not allow this unique liquid to keep the “champagne” label; an aspect that has no negative impact on the products image.


Produced in limited quantities, this caviar flavoured champagne created by Luvienz is available on short marketing circuits, during private events.


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