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An unforgettable cruise aboard the Europa 2

February 12, 2015 • Travels & Hotels

The impressive liner Europa 2 invites passengers to embark on a fine luxury cruise. With its 5 star high standards, the boat is an epic cruise of refinement and sobriety.


Europa 2, between luxury and simplicity

Nicknamed the “most luxurious liner of the world”, the Europa 2 was built in the Saint-Nazaire Shipyards and was launched in May 2013.
Since then, the liner navigates the Western European for an idyllic cruise. 225 metres long, the ship was built of quality materials. Its interior is composed of numerous large rooms which contributed to the liner’s fame. Nevertheless, the Europa 2 adopts a simple and sober style, comfort and a gentle lifestyle have been preferred to that of a flashier design.

Decorated with various shades of white, and chocolate, the Europa 2 encourages its guests to enjoy their stay by using some of the many services offered aboard. A covered or uncovered swimming pool depending on the weather, open air cinema, visiting an art gallery or relaxing in the spa, are some of the activities proposed to travelers.


europa 2 restaurant


Europa 2’s energy efficiency

Already rewarded with the title of most luxurious liner of the world, the Europa 2 was recently acknowledged for its energetic prowess. Last year the liner became the first cruise ship to be awarded by the Germanischer Lloyd company with an EEDI (Energy Efficiency Desgin Index) certification.

The index established by the naval company indicates that since January 1st, 2013, every new ship must reduce their CO2 emissions by 30% compared to older ones. In fact, Europa 2 was promptly handed its certificate when the index indicated that it emits 31% less Co2 than other ships of the same kind.

Indeed, the ship has a state-of-the-art environmental technology. For example, the Europa 2 is the first cruise ship equipped with an SCR catalytic converter which effectively reduces nitrogen oxide emissions by 95%.




During each trip, the Europa 2 can accommodate up to 516 passengers.


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