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Luxury rail cruises, a new way of travelling

July 8, 2014 • Travels & Hotels

Luxury cruises are often associated with lush landscapes, good living and awakening of the senses. These characteristics are often to be found on cruise ships, however, it has almost been forgotten that prestigious trains offer the same experience and ever changing landscapes.

Rail Cruises, a luxurious adventure

Deluxe travels allow guests to discover a new country and culture whilst benefiting from a luxurious comfort. This is what some of the most prestigious trains in the world offer.

Preserving the spirit of past travels – romantic, adventurous and surprising – these exceptional trains lead there passengers from one magical destination to another, in a sumptuous setting.

The Venice-Simplon-Orient-Express (London, Paris, Venice, Vienne), the Transcantabrico (Spain), the Trans-Siberian (Moscow,Vladivostok) or the Royal Scotsman (Scotland), lead their guests to legendary destinations, across incredible landscapes.


Royal Scotsman


A comfortable stay in legendary trains

For a few days and nights depending on the destination chosen, travellers are welcome to this atypical ‘hotel on wheels‘, that were once the only way of travelling.

By choosing to use these luxurious and renowned trains, passengers are invited to eat fine gastronomy meals, whilst looking at the beautiful landscapes passing them by. Bas and saloons are also available to use and to talk with other passengers.

Once night has fallen, guests are invited to return to their private quarters where a bed will be waiting for them as well as an ensuite bathroom. The prices for these unique train cruises vary from 2 000 euros and 3 000 euros, depending on the period of time and the destination. The train stops in different cities, allowing passengers to get off and visit.

Orient express


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