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The comfort of luxury sailing yachts

August 11, 2014 • Automobiles & Engines

Very appreciated by boat enthusiasts, luxury sailing yachts recently gained in popularity amongst yacht enthusiasts. Allowing passengers to enjoy the sea in a comfortable setting, they managed to combine adventure with well-being.

Discover three luxury sailing yachts aboard which it would be most agreeable to navigate the seas.

Luxury sailing yachts: sale and charter



aventura yacht


Built in 2005, L’Aventura is a perfect illustration of a successful marriage between traditional sailboats and modern technologies. 33.24 metres long, this yacht invites its passengers to enjoy the salty sea air from its outside lounge.

Inside, the yacht is divided in a series of rooms to ensure each passenger’s privacy and comfort. With its open sails, the yacht moves at 11.5 knots and is easy to maneuver in moorings.

The Aventura is available for 4 040 000 euros.


The Phocea




Built in 1975, the Phocea has been restored to its former glory on two previous occasions in order to make it a comfortable yacht to navigate with. Thanks to its 10 bedrooms, the yacht can accommodate 20 passengers in the greatest comfort.

The passengers of this luxury yacht will have access to a Jacuzzi, a sauna and a sports room. The rest of the ship is decorated in beautifully calming shades of beige, white and gold.

755.12 metres long, the Phocea is available for 25 million euros.


The Drumbeat


drumbeat yacht


Launched in 2002, the Brumbeat is characterized by its excellent sailing performances, great maneuverability and its comfort. Aboard this sailing yacht, a number of spaces have been created to ensure that passengers enjoy as much as possible an outing on the sea.

Various exterior lounges are available and large bay windows allow passengers to enjoy the sea view even when remaining inside. The yacht’s interior decoration was inspired by some of the most luxurious yachts, mixing tradition with more contemporary design.

The Drumbeat sailing boat is for rent, starting at 170 000 euros a week, in summer or winter.


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