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The unusual architecture of Villa F

January 13, 2015 • Property & Design

Located in Greece, Villa F is particularly renowned for its atypical design. Similar to its strange exterior, the building’s interior design reveals geometrical and uncluttered lines.


Villa F, a luxury residence with a graphic design

Nestled on the city of Rhodes’ bay, in Greece, Villa F was designed by Hornung & Jacobi Architecture, a German agency. This luxurious villa sets itself apart from other villas due to its atypical form, where a series of white prism form blocs were put together.

The design of the residence presents a large number of lines and forms which come together in a complex design. Nevertheless, the house’s interior and its exterior unveils a uncluttered style. White being dominant, Villa F hides spacious rooms where the sun light is more than welcome through the large bay windows.

This spacious house is divided into two blocs. The first is the proprietor’s home whilst the other is reserved for guests.


villa greece


Villa F: environmentally friendly

Villa F’s remarkable design was designed to be environmentally friendly. In order to reduce its energy consumption, the house is made of prefabricated wood and plaster which created a structure as light as possible.

This Greek residence is also equipped with a mechanical opening ceiling, a trick which prevents those living in the house from relying on the air conditioning. The villa’s architecture allows the villa to remain at a comfortably fresh temperature during the summer, a factor which is essential considering that temperatures in this region can be very high.

The swimming pool, in front of the villa, also contributes to the villa’s cooling down process thanks to water evaporation, whilst solar panels on the roof allow the villa to be autonomous.


villa F greece


Extending over 220m², Villa F offers a comfortable structure in an ideal setting, to enjoy as much as possible the Aegean Sea.

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