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La Mécanique du Temps, the new movie by Hermès

July 2, 2014 • Jewels & Watches

To honour one hundred years of watch creations, the French brand Hermès produce a short animated movie staging the many timepieces which have been a part of Hermès’ success.


Hermès goes back in time

Established in 1837 by Thierry Hermès, the brand bearing his name became prominent for its leather accessories and high-end saddlery, as well as its splendid silk squares.

In parallel to its primary activities, Hermès developed an extensive expertise in watchmaking by surrounding itself with some of the greatest names in the horology industry, Swiss manufacturer Vacheron Constantin and watchmaker Jaeger-LeCoultre.

Today Hermès illustrates its career in the wathmaking business with a short movie, La Mécanique du Temps. The video portrays the evolution of the brand through a range of models having marked its history, such as th Porte-Oignon, the buttonhole watch or the belt watch.


Hermes movie


La Mécanique du Temps

During this three minute movie, Hermès shows some of its greatest creations but also the inventiveness that has guided the House since its beginnings.

With playful music in the background, this short movie stages a group of watchmakers energetically participating in the elaboration of some of the more outstanding timepieces by Hermès. Each timepiece has has one thing in common: they represent the brand’s desire to combine innovation with practicality and esthetics.

The movie also exhibits the different techniques and tools used to manufacture the different Herms watches. Although the techniques evolve through the eras, the requirements and precision of wathmaking has remained the same.


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