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S Class Pullman limousine, Mercedes’ fine luxury come-back

July 22, 2014 • Automobiles & Engines

Mercedes should present in few months the new edition of the S Class, edited in a luxurious limousine. The latest prototype unveiled by the German car manufacturer marks the return of its Pullman model, a collection of high-end vehicles with particularly elongated lines.


Mercedes, a battle to sign its name in the fine luxury golden book

At the start of the millennium, the famous star brand implanted itself in the fine luxury sector, by offering a range of luxurious limousines signed Maybach. Today, the automobile manufacturer secures his position in the sector by introducing a new edition of its S Class model in a sumptuous edition named Pullman, a name of significance as it is the name of a series of cars which participated in the brand’s fame.

The next S Class Pullman Mercedes should be 6.4 metres long, a length far superior than that of Rolls Royce’s longest limousine, the brand’s most fervent competition.


class-s-pullman-s class


The S Class Pullman Mercedes

In addition to its spacious interior, the future Mercedes limousine will offer its passengers a comfortable setting of meticulous details. The high-performance aftermarket tuning company Brabus will be in charge of this car’s production.

The S Class Pullman Mercedes will be entirely bullet-proof, to protect passengers from intensive fire and little explosions. Passenger will be able to continue their conversations without a problem, the seats being face to face.

The driver’s space and the passenger’s are separated by a window which can be either black or transparent, depending on the owner’s wishes.


The production of S Class Pullman Mercedes’ should be starting in 2015. The price of this German limousine is estimated 1 million dollars for the moment.


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