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Miss Dior, story of a perfume

July 8, 2014 • Beauty

The perfume Miss Dior, world-famous due to the collaboration between Sofia Coppola and Natalie Portman in the brand’s various advertisements, will celebrate its 80 years in a few years. This unmistakable fragrance is still as loved by women as at its beginnings, making it one of the most appreciated perfumes of the fashion world.


Miss Dior’s history

For the creation of his first perfume, Christian Dior drew his inspiration from his garden in the seaside town of Granville, where he grew up.
Acting as a bridge between fashion and fragrance, this perfume was a turning point for the famous brand. At the fragrance’s launching, Christian Dior declared, “I have created this perfume to dress each woman in the scent of desire, and to see each of my dresses emerging from its bottle…”

This intoxicating fragrance accompanied Dior’s debut collection christened the ‘New Look’. The perfume combined with the wealth of his designs contrasted with the post-war reality established once and for all the brand’s fame. New Look was a symbol of innovation and refinement, where women could regain their femininity, and Miss Dior the final touch.

Miss Dior, Christian Dior’s debut fragrance was named after his sister, as a tribute to her.


Miss Dior


A perennially fashionable perfume

When he created this perfume, Dior wished to recreate love’s fragrance. The scent is often described as seductive, elegant, sensual and intoxicating. Femininity is brought with an oriental – chypre character and prominent notes of rose and jasmine.

Nowadays, the Miss Dior collection can be found with different bottles. Each remains both chic and timeless. Miss Dior will always be synonymous of class and seduction.


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