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Montecarlo Rascasse, a prestigious car

July 15, 2014 • Automobiles & Engines

Montecarlo Rascasse is the latest creation by the small car manufacturer Monte Carlo Automobile. Offered in a very limited edition of 15 versions only, this car is highly exclusive.


30th anniversary for Monte Carlo Automobile

Still poorly known by the general public, Monte Carlo Autombile is a monagasque luxury and sports car manufacturer.

Founded in 1983, the brand celebrated its 30th birthday last year. For this special occasion, the brand imagined a car, the Riva, with only 15 models available.

Collectors will be able to obtain this car for 500 000 euros. Despite being launched only a year ago, this car has already become a prestigious model with cutting edge technology.


montecarlo rascasse


The Montecarlo Rascasse

The Montecarlo Rascasse takes its name from the famous Monaco GP circuit’s famous corner.

Automobile enthusiasts who have had the privileged of driving her have no doubt appreciated its powerful engine: a BMW sourced 5.4 liter V-12 engine with a total output of 500 horsepower! an engine that used to power Rolls Royce during the 90s.

This sports car can run on both gasoline and hydrogen-enriched LPG, a characteristic unique to the Monegasque brand. Although this model has some resemblance with the old Ferraris, the Rascasse’s design is mostly inspired by the nautical world.

The inside of the car has also been design with care. Noble materials like leather, metal and wood inspired by yachting were used. The seats are cream coloured, increasing the driver’s sensation of comfort.


Monte Carlo Automobile takes a rather long time to launch new models, however, each time the brand signs sensational models that are worth the wait.


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