Our definition of luxury

Welcome to the universe of luxury.

Luxury has many definitions, including something that is an indulgence rather than a necessity, a way of life made of sumptuous, expensive goods and superfluous expenses.

Beyond these mostly definitions which might make us feel guilty,the reality of luxury is for us synonymous of dreams! A dream created by a certain atmosphere, materials, architecture, products, attitude and elegance. Indeed, as stated by French designer and creator of the Chanel brand, Coco Chanel, luxury ‘…is [not] the opposite of poverty…It is the opposite of vulgarity’.

Luxury is an industry based on sales. But apart from that, this sector has grown greatly by playing and expanding on desires and pleasure, and created a world where image, serenity and elegance are key.

In the past, only the elite could enjoy a life of luxury; nowadays luxury appears much more accessible.

With the development of luxury brands, everyone can have the pleasure of buying a luxury product: a pastry by a renowned pastry chef for a small sum, brand line clothes of high couture  in a department store, or a jewel from a great jeweller at a reduced price.

In these sluggish times where ‘crisis’ and ‘drop of purchasing power’ is on everybody’s lips it is comforting to see that we can still offer you dreams and pleasure through the articles of our luxury magazine


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