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Palafitte hotel: a 5 star hotel on stilts

January 2, 2015 • Travels & Hotels

In Europe, it is unique. The Palafitte hotel is the only address in Europe offering the charm and luxury of a palace on stilts.


A hotel at the edge of the Neuchâtel Lake

Located in Switzerland, not too far from the city of Neuchâtel, the Palafitte hotel was built at the edge of the region’s lake. To allow guests to enjoy to its maximum the magnificent landscape of this location, the palace was designed according to a still novel concept for European luxury hotels.

Whilst in Asia, America and Oceania, hotels on stilts are everywhere, giving the powerful image of luxury becoming one with nature, the Palafitte hotel is the sole hotel in Europe designed this way.

Feet in the lake’s deep waters, the villas of the hotel complex welcome guests in a sumptuous setting, where calm and tranquillity are king.


palafitte restaurant


Luxury services

The Palafitte hotel offers its luxury clientele intimacy and independence. The beautiful villas host the guests during their stay allowing them to organise their stay as they wish whilst in a magnificent setting surrounded by nature.

Answering every one of its guest’s needs, a room service is available 24/7. Guests will also enjoy individual Jacuzzi’s available in each villa and a private terrace to enjoy a view of the lake and the Alpes.

The palace’s restaurant, Le Colvert, offers a menu of gourmet and authentic cuisine in a friendly and cosy atmosphere.



A villa at the 5 star Palafitte hotel is available for 320 and 850 euros per night, depending on the season.


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