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Pangkor Laut: a luxurious escape

July 23, 2014 • Travels & Hotels

Located 5 km from Malaysia, Pangkor Laut offers its guests a chance to escape into the country’s lush nature without leaving behind their every day comfort. Scattered across the hills, elegant villas seem to grow out of the greenery.


A hotel in the midst of nature

Clients of Pangkor Laut will have a chance to enjoy a natural setting, one that is rare to find nowadays. The hotel company set up its hotel complex on a small island, a few kilometres away from the Malaysian frontier.

The distance separating guests from the noisy city centre is small, nearly symbolic, but it is enough to provide a quiet location and create an impression of entering a new world. A boat ride leads clients to the island covered with a thick tropical forest coat.

Once near the coast, villas appear amongst the trees, lost in nature. Promising an exceptional and tranquil stay, the Pangkor Laut’s setting amazes and procures a total change of scenery.






Fantastical villas

Bolstered by its unique location, the Pangkor Laut imagined a series of villas inspired by Malaysian architecture. Their design was thought out to allow their occupants to enjoy the nature surrounding them.

Large bay windows lead to a magnificent view of nature and of the horizon. The sea and the forest seem to continue indefinitely, inviting visitors to discover their many hidden riches.

Built on stilts, the villas are link together by wooden bridges. They give access to Pangkor Laut’s spa, where one can enjoy an exceptional ayurvedic care, as well as to a swimming pool and a restaurant offering candle-lit meals on the island’s beautiful beach.

Inside the villas, the design is traditional with dark wooden floors, wooden blinds and large furnitures covered with cushions, for a maximum of comfort.


Pangkor laut


The magnificent Pangkor Laut villas are available for minimum 531 euros a night.


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