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Kona residence, a design and eco-friendly villa

April 23, 2015 • Property & Design

Kona residence was erected on a Hawaiian island, in a remarkable natural setting. Modern in its design, the villa has the particularity of being environmentally friendly making it in perfect harmony with its surroundings.   Kona residence, a design inspired by the Hawaiian charm Built in 2010, this exceptional villa is the result of a [&hellip...

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Fendi Chateau Residences, a new real-estate project in Florida

February 24, 2015 • Property & Design

The Italian ready-to-wear brand Fendi signed a partnership agreement with the Chateau group in order to develop its new residential project. The two companies hope to create a luxury residence, erected in Florida, Miami.   Real-estate development project...

Mayavee, an extraordinary villa in Phuket

February 3, 2015 • Property & Design

Built in 2009, the Mayavee villa is located in Thailand, not far from Phuket. This luxurious house distinguishes itself from other villas thanks to its atypical design, revealed four separate spaces.   The villa Mayavee, a contemporary villa inspired by...

The unusual architecture of Villa F

January 13, 2015 • Property & Design

Located in Greece, Villa F is particularly renowned for its atypical design. Similar to its strange exterior, the building’s interior design reveals geometrical and uncluttered lines.   Villa F, a luxury residence with a graphic design Nestled on the...

An ultra-contemporary villa in Los Angeles

December 25, 2014 • Property & Design

The city of Los Angeles is famous for its sumptuous villas strewn across the city, as though it were an architect’s playground. Amongst them, located at 9133 Oriole Way, distinguishes itself with its highly contemporary design.   An exceptional villa...