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Samsung launches the 110 S9, the biggest UHD TV ever created

July 8, 2014 • Digital, Luxury News

The South Korean company Samsung Electronics, the world’s largest information technology company, launched in December its new television screen. 110 inches, this screen is the biggest commercial ultra high definition television.


The largest television of the world

While the tendency is to have bigger and more powerful televisions, Samsung Electronics undoubtedly beat the competition by launching his new television measuring 2,8 metres diagonally.

Since a few years now, the South Korean company has made a name for itself in the luxury high technology industry, offering its clients increasingly sophisticated products.

As Apples greatest competitor in the production and sale of smartphones and tablets, Samsung distinguished itself from the American by stepping into the flat screen sector, adapting the latest technologies for this purpose. High-resolution and 3D functions are currently what make the success of Samsung televisions.

By introducing his new model, the 110 S9, Samsung wins a new challenge, the creation of the biggest commercial flat screen.


samsung tv



The 110 S9 by Samsung, a technological advancement

Samsung’s new screen created surprise and passion. Indeed, with its impressive size, the television is a high-quality piece of technology.
The Samsung engineers conceived a piece of cutting edge technology, focusing their attention on pushing the resolution as high as possible.

The few privileged persons who have been able to see this model during its launching have already pre-ordered the television, particularly attracted to its 800 megapixel display – over four times superior to the number of pixels on a full HD TV (3840 x2160 pixels).


The Samsung 110 S9 should be sold for about 150 000 euros. Currently only available in South Korea, it should quickly pass the Chinese and Middle-East boundaries.



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