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Seanna, a luxury hotel yacht look-alike

December 10, 2014 • Travels & Hotels

Thanks to its impressive size, Seanna’s interior decoration was custom-made, enhancing the yacht’s aesthetics whilst developing its comfort and practicality. Today, this exceptional boat unveils an interior design worthy of any luxury hotel.


Seanna, a super yacht combining power with refinement

Built by Benetti in 2011, the Seanna yacht has the particularity of being 31 metres long. Due to its impressive length, the ship hides in its entrails vast spaces decorate with precious materials.

Fruit of an alliance between Redman Whiteley Dixon Ltd, Susan Young Interior and interior designer Stefano Natucci, the yacht will make a beautiful cruise with friends. Optimising the ship’s volume, the three professionals worked, first of all, on the lighting. Thanks to an ideal distribution of the various spaces, the yacht was designed to be practical. Hence, the dining room leads directly into the lounge, whilst the Jacuzzi can be found outside, next to the garden and allowing its proprietor and guests to enjoy the sun.

Contemporary and sophistication, the ship’s interior includes beige, taupe, chocolate and mahogany brown, giving the setting a cosy and uncluttered appearance. Furthermore, precious woods and marble give this yacht an air of luxury hotel.


seanna yacht living room

seanna dining room


Seanna’s idyllic services

The magnificent decor of the Seanna is worthy of the various services available on the yacht, and limited to the use of the ship’s proprietor and guests. The Seanna can welcome aboard 12 passengers in addition to the crew.

Guests will have access to a spa, accompanied by two individual beauty-care rooms. The 5 floors and 4 decks of this exceptional yacht hide a number of surprises to passengers, such as a bar, a floating garage and a number of suites each equipped with their own bathroom.

To make a stay aboard the Seanna an idyllic pause from everyday life, the yacht has nautical sports equipment, in order to enjoy the sea with a jet ski or canoes.

With a magnificent view of the sea, guests will be pleased to find a panoramic dining room on the upper-deck with windows going from floor to ceiling.


saenna super yacht



The Seanna navigates the seas at 15 knots.

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