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Single-handed watch signed MeisterSinger

July 1, 2014 • Jewels & Watches

With their elegant and uncluttered design, MeisterSinger made it to the forefront of the watch industry, a success quickly confirmed by the brands single-handed watches akin to the ancient sundials.


MeisterSinger, a name which bears success

This firm is rather recent compared to its competition. Launched in 2001, the brand follows  its founder’s – Manfred Brassler – desire to return to the basics. Complexity and over the top designs, art and jewels no longer apply with MeisterSinger watches. MeisterSinger goes back to the fundamentals of watchmaking with the single aim of offering a measuring instrument at an affordable price.

The name MeisterSinger, meaning “Master Singer” in German, has its origins in singing competitions during the Middle Ages in Germany. Whoever came up with a “new sound” was crowned MeisterSinger of the year. This name appears to have been a luckycharm for the brand which could very well be called the “MeisterWatchmaker”.

For the design of their incomparable watches the brand is influenced by the 50s and 60s, which also inspire a series of limited editions.


MeisterSinger watches

Manfred Brassler guides his clientele to discover the origins of the watch. The unique aspect of MeisterSinger timepieces is that they are single handed like the first time keepers. Contrary to what one would think, despite the single hand, time keeping with MeisterSinger is done with as much rigour and precision as with two hands.

This appearance might at first confuse watch enthusiasts used to two hands. However, one will quickly adapt to the watch. A specific hierarchy of markers unique to the brand makes the watch easy to read. The bold indexes mark the hours whilst the smaller markers indicate the quarter of an hour and the half hour.

Often accompied by a strap resembling alligator skin, the MeisterSinger watches can be worn on thin wrists, by men and women alike depending on the model.

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