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Opening in Ibiza of the SubliMotion, most expensive restaurant in the world

June 26, 2014 • Luxury Cuisine

Spanish chef Paco Roncero will soon launch his new restaurant in Ibiza, the SubliMotion. The later, located at the new Hard Rock Hotel in Ibiza, will offer its guests a menu created by the two Michelin star chef for 1 500 euros per head.

Opening of the SubliMotion in the Hard Rock Hotel

The restaurant considered the most expensive restaurant in the world, the SubliMotion, will officially open its doors in Ibiza, in the first european Hard rock Hotel.

The five star hotel will offer its clientele a unique stay with cultural and sensory experiences await them. With a similar aim, renowned chef Paco Roncero will open a restaurant with an exclusive and exciting concept.

The chef offers his guests a new culinary experience combining performing arts and gourmet cuisine, making this meal exceptional. To increase the singularity of this experience the restaurant can only serve twelve guests at a time.


The Sublimotion, most expensive restaurant in the world


The SubliMotion: a novel concept

Every night, Paco Roncero will welcome twelve guests around his table to compose a twenty course feast imagined by himself. In a dance of plates and food skillfully thought out, each course will be served and savoured in a different atmosphere.

Indeed, this epic experience will take the guests on a two hour trip where not only your taste buds will be satisfied by the meal prepared by two Michelin stars chef, but your eyes and ears will be filled with wonder by magnificent lights and a musical ambiance perfectly in line with Hard Rock Hotel’s style.

Paco Roncero, delighted to be a part of this project explains, “A project like this is impossible for one person to do alone. I’m a cook and what I know is cooking. I had to combine forces with other talented professionals who could contribute tecnology, design, study the role of the senses.”


Paco Roncero at the SubliMotion



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