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The Tropical Paradise Island: a yacht island concept

July 10, 2014 • Automobiles & Engines

In England, the Yacht Island Design Ldt company aims to make yachts more luxurious than ever. Imagining high-end boats, the agency designs yachts unlike any other.


Yachts revisited

Whilst yachts is one of the more luxurious hobbies, the British company Yacht Island Design LTD reinterpreted them by combining their traditional design with sumptuous themes.

The company’s innovative concept is to design unique yachts, nearly phantasmagorical, reproducing idyllic landscapes ideal to recharge one’s batteries and bathe in tranquility whilst temporarily escaping from life.

These maxi luxury yachts will allow their future owners to go to their dream destination in the ultimate comfort and beautiful environment.




A yacht tropical island

The British company’s most famous company is the Tropical Paradise Island, reproducing the setting of a southern sea island.

On the main deck, future owners will have access to a swimming pool fed by a waterfall running from a volcano. Guest cabanas are nestled around the pool as well as a bar and outdoor dining.

90 metres long and travelling 15 knots, the yacht with a unique design, features a suite inside the volcano which runs on two decks. The living room located behind the waterfall affords a view on the swimming pool and cabanas. The yacht also has its private spa behind the bedroom. On the flanks are situated four VIP suites with private balconies and access to the cabanas.

The rear deck can be equipped with a helicopter landing pad. Furthermore, the more unique feature of this yacht is the deployable beach deck for access to the sea.


Yacht Island Design LTD is currently working on other designs all more spectacular than the previous.


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